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MBBS in IIT?: It is not a comedy, but reality

What is meant by IIT? It is Indian Institute of Technology. The name itself suggests that IITs are for higher education in Technology. Then, can you imagine IITs offering medical education course? Wait just a moment before you laugh at the idea. Within years, it will be a reality. MBBS is going to be a part of IIT.
IIT-Kharagpur is expected to be the first IIT which is offering MBBS course. The first batch of MBBS students in its medical college will start by 2020-21, according to a top IIT official. IIT-Kharagpur has already started the work of a medical institute. The first phase of construction of Dr B C Roy Institute of Medical Science & Research will be over by June this year. IIT Kharagpur is working towards making the hospital operational from 2018, said deputy director Prof Sriman Kumar Bhattacharyya. Thus, in another three years the IIT can start offering MBBS course.
The Dr B C Roy Institute of Medical Science & Research is coming up in Balarampur area adjoining IIT-KGP campus on an 18-acre land. The Union HRD ministry has allowed IIT-KGP to start the hospital with 400 beds and has sanctioned Rs 150 crore.
IIT-KGP is also in the process of setting up a society to run the hospital and the medical college. As per rule, IITs cannot offer medical courses. So this project will work as a special purpose vehicle. IIT-KGP will not run it directly but create a registered society. IIT-KGP will sign an MoU with the society so that functioning of the hospital can be in sync with IIT system, Prof Sriman Kumar Bhattacharyya said.

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