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Global Initiative for Academic Networks (GIAN) is an educational program under the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) in Higher Education intended at drawing the talents of scientists and entrepreneurs internationally to the institutes of Higher Education in India. The purpose of this program so as to expand the country’s existing academic resources, expedite the speed of reformation, and promote India’s scientific and technological potential to the global level. GIAN aims at catalyzing higher education institutions in the country such as all IITs, IIMs, Central Universities, IISc Bangalore, IISERs, NITs and IIITs. In the late stage, good State Universities will be covered. GIAN will initially accommodate the participation of foreign faculty in Institutes as Distinguished / Adjunct / Visiting faculty / Professors of Practice, etc. They will engage in presenting Short or Semester-long Courses.
GIAN portal
Each approved GIAN activity/course will be publicized in the GIAN portal. It will be the duty of the host Institution to arrange for the conduct of the courses. Each host Institution will maintain their local GIAN portal which will be connected to the main GIAN portal.
The courses offered by a host institution should be made accessible for participation from other Institutions.
1. To increase the footfalls of reputed international faculty in the Indian academic institutes.
2. Provide an opportunity to our faculty to learn and share knowledge and teaching skills in cutting edge areas.
3. To provide an opportunity to our students to seek knowledge and experience from reputed International faculty.
4. To create avenue for possible collaborative research with the international faculty
5. To increase participation and presence of international students in the academic Institutes.
6. Opportunity for the students of different Institutes/Universities to interact and learn subjects in niche areas through the collaborative learning process.
7. Provide an opportunity for the technical persons from Indian Industry to improve understandings and update their knowledge in relevant areas.
8. Motivate the best international experts in the world to work on problems related to India.
9. Develop high quality course material in niche areas, both through video and print that can be used by a larger body of students and teachers.
10. To document and develop new pedagogic methods in emerging topics of national and international interest.
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Information source: GIAN Website

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