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Career in Planning and Architecture

Look at the huge buildings in the cities. Have you wondered who built those beautiful and proud skyscrapers? There is a great effort of architects and planners behind such structures.
To create a city where tallest of towers and complexes are plenty, architecture and planning are important. In this scenario, the youth is now looking to architecture as a career option.
An architect designs safe buildings for human use, such as office buildings or residential complexes. An urban planner examines the problems concerning the locality and makes suggestions about where buildings, public utilities and other structures should be located.
School of Planning and Architecture, Vijayawada
School of Planning and Architecture, Vijayawada, (SPAV), was established by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India, as an autonomous institution. SPAV is a premier Centrally Funded Technical Institution for excellence in the fields of Planning and Architecture.
At SPAV, the academic focus and approach is a unique blend of design, creativity and objectivity with a social purpose. Students not only learn the skills required but during the course of studies are exposed to thought-provoking and intellectually inspiring sessions, through studios, field trips and research projects, which brings out the creative best in them.
Courses Offered
Undergraduate Degree Programmes
Bachelor of Architecture
Bachelor of Planning
Postgraduate Degree Programmes
Environmental Planning Management
Urban and Regional Planning
Sustainable Architecture
Doctoral Programme
Doctoral Programme in Architecture
Doctoral Programme in Planning
The School of Planning and Architecture aims to play a key role in preparing future decision makers to meet the challenges of sustainable development by offering this specialized course. The aim is to develop skills, knowledge and understanding related to environmental sustainability, construction and building technology, adopting the principles and practices of sustainable building design while responding to environmental challenges such as Climate change, environmental degradation etc.
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School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi
The School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi, under the Ministry of Human Resource and Development is a specialized University, only one of its kinds, which exclusively provides training at various levels, in different aspects of human habitat and environment. The School has taken lead in introducing academic programmes in specialized fields both at Bachelor’s and Master’s level, some of which are even today not available elsewhere in India. The School, in striving for excellence, has always been in the lead in extending education and research to new frontiers of knowledge. Human habitat and environment being the basic concern of the School, the spectrum of academic programmes is being continuously extended by providing programmes in new fields and emerging areas for which facilities are not available, as yet, anywhere else in the country.
Courses Offered
Undergraduate Degree Programmes
Bachelor of Architecture
Bachelor of Planning
Post Graduate Programme
Master of Architecture in Architectural Conservation
Master of Urban Design
Master of Design (Industrial Design)
Master of Planning with specialization in
Environmental Planning
Regional Planning
Transport Planning
Urban Planning
Master of Building Engineering and Management
Master of Landscape Architecture
Doctoral Programme
The School provides facilities to undertake research work leading to the award of a Ph.D. degree in the fields of Architecture, Physical Planning, Urban Planning, Regional Planning, Environmental Planning, Housing, Transport Planning, Urban Design, Architectural Conservation, Landscape Architecture, Industrial Design and Building Engineering and Management.
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School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal
School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal is established by Government of India as an Institute of National importance in the year 2008.This school is committed to produce best Architects and Planners of the Nation to take up the challenges of physical and socio- environmental development of global standards. School of Planning and Architecture will strive for social sustenance through universal design, cultural sustenance through conservation and environmental sustenance through the discipline of Architecture, Planning and Design.
Programmes offered
Doctoral (Ph.D.) Programme
The Doctoral Programme at the school is conceived to encourage independent and interdisciplinary research that has relevance to the present needs of social, cultural and environmental sustenance. To keep pace with the expanding horizons of knowledge, the progamme provides a research environment that has strong theoretical grounding and looks for application of knowledge to develop solutions that focus on issues relating to settlements and habitat.
Master of Architecture (Urban Design)
Indian cities with uncontrolled and chaotic development, loss of coherence, character and decreasing quality of urban life, sadly lack the clarity and cohesion of urban form and structure. The masters programme at the school aims to address the urgent need for enhancing the lived experience of cities. The primary focus is on investigating the role of urban form in shaping our cities using innovative design approaches and theoretical research. It is a two year postgraduate programme leading to the degree of Master of Urban Design.
Master of Architecture (Landscape)
The Master of Landscape Architecture programme at SPA Bhopal aims to educate the students for ultimate leadership in the landscape architecture profession. This mission requires the development and exercise of both intellect and sensibility. The Programme has the dual objectives of providing students with a core of design and technical skills in combination with experiences in pure and applied research. The programme is of four semesters (two years) duration, leading to a degree of Master of Landscape Architecture.
Master of Architecture(Conservation)
India is a country with rich natural and cultural heritage. The variation in heritage is due to geographical locations, Time Periods, Builders, Architectural Styles, different sizes and scales of cultural heritage, existing traditional knowledge systems, continuity in traditional practices, and different categories of built heritage ranging from Prehistoric, Historic and Archaeological Sites and different typologies from a building to large cultural regions. Apart from the 3600 Centrally Protected Monuments, and 5000 State Protected Monuments, large numbers of monuments are protected by various religious bodies, organizations and owners. The requirement for a qualified conservation professional is more demanding as with technological advancements the society is drastically changing and it is important to understand the meaning of heritage in the present society.
Master of Planning (Urban and Regional Planning)
The two year postgraduate programme leading to the degree of Master of Planning (Urban and Regional Planning) at the school aims to produce professional planners who are equipped to assist communities, organizations and policymakers in addressing the present day problems of settlements and developing new ways of improving cities and regions.
Master of Planning (Environmental Planning)
The course on MPEP is designed so as to equip the students with necessary knowledge and skills essential for comprehending an environmental problem, examining the correlated issues in order to generate agreeable and pragmatic solutions. The course shall endeavour to develop an understanding of various aspects of environmental planning and management by introducing an array of subjects, namely, environmental economics, environmental monitoring, environmental policies and legislation, environmental impact assessment, natural management, bio- diversity, climate changes, etc.
Bachelor of Architecture (Five Year Degree Programme)
As part of the school charter and mission, the architecture department of the school is providing a vibrant design culture, ensuring that its graduates are not only valued by the architectural practice, but are also able to make a critical contribution to the future of the profession. The school has put efforts in the development of an open studio culture, in which students at all levels can learn from each other, how the innovative ideas are generated and developed as well as develop an in-depth practical knowledge through independent and original research.
Bachelor of Planning (Four Year Degree Programme)
After the implementation of the 74th Constitution Amendment Act, 1992,which has empowered urban local bodies significantly to undertake developmental works, the need for qualified planners at all levels has increased significantly. The B. Plan. course is an endeavor to bridge this gap of planning professionals in the country. In a country where urbanization has been on a steady rise since independence, and escalated significantly in recent years; planning professionals need to be trained in handling the myriad problems which come along with urbanization.
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